Character design
" One sees clearly only with the heart.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."

The Little Prince
Lunar是月亮的意思,作為月亮的女兒她從小就在一個孤獨的星球成長,與星星為伴。雖然她的眼睛看不到東西但依然有著純真友善的心靈。 她臉上有著小雀斑,可能是因為一直以來都和星星相處有關,她的飾物都是和星星有關,包括鞋子的鈕扣也是星星。

Lunar is the daughter of the moon and she grows up on a lonely planet. 
She can't see but she can read people mind. This character was inspired by The Little Prince. Because important things can only see by heart.
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