Card Game Design / 悅讀卡 

It is a card game design for the kids who have Dyslexia, aims at helping them to recognise words. And the target user is 5 to 8-year-old children who have Dyslexia. 
Combining graphics into the words will be easier to remember since the graphic is related to the meaning of the words. 

Design Concept
The logo is circle-shaped, and I used round lines to make the word 悅讀卡 to give people the impression of a cartoon. The visual of the card game has to be attractive enough in order to draw kids' attention, that is why I make it like a cartoon. 
Using similar colour pattern as Alereader, because I want this card game to be one of the collection in the tools of helping Dyslexic students. 
And the typographic I used round line type to be fitter with the game theme. 

Pick the same pattern of the card and read the word out. Collect the most pairs of the cards will be the one to win. 
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