App Design/ Alereader

It is an app that aims at helping those students who have Dyslexia (also called as Alexia) which provide reading and practice to help them improve. The target user is 7 to 10-year-old children who have Dyslexia and also their parents and teachers. 
As a student who has Dyslexia, I understand how helpless of having Dyslexia because in Hong Kong, there are not enough tools to help Dyslexia and the fee of consulting with education psychologist is expensive. That is why I have the idea to design this app. I want to provide an user-friendly and affordable tool for the dyslexic children. 

The logo I used letter A because A stands for a good result in education, and it also represents Alexia. 
For the three main colour I chose, which is colourful and attractive, I want to give the user an energetic feeling, and so as to attract those kids. 
The typographic that I chose for English characters is like old typing mechanic. And for Chinese characters, I would like to focus on the stokes. In order to help the students to improve, clear pictures showing the composition of Chinese words are designed. 
Thank you.
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