A-Z Card illustration for Hong Kong Green Building Council
A for Improve Indoor Air Quality
B for Learn About BEAM Plus
C for Reduce Carbon Footprint
D for Utilize Daylighting
E for Save Energy
F for Use FSC Certified Products
G for Enjoy Greenery in the Community
H for Build Green Habits
I for Interior Design Can Be Green
J for Use Jogging Lane
K for Gain new Knowledge on Green Buildings
L for Dress Light in Summer
M for Use Recycled Materials
N for Achieve Carbon Neutrality
O for Open Windows
P for Plant At Home
Q for Green Can Enhance Quality of Life
R for Enjoy Rooftop Garden
S for Adopt Solar Panels
T for Take Public Transport
U for Enjoy Urban Farms
V for Make Use of Natural Ventilation
W for Save Water
X for X Wastage
Y for Your Green Behaviors Matters
Z for Try Zero Carbon Emission Everyday
Clint: Hong Kong Green Building Council
AD: Ashley
Agency: Create & Yay!

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